In December 2013, a group of Bassin Bleu native met at a park in Ft. Lauderdale FL to brainstorm on behalf of our beautiful town. After a profound debate, we decided to put an association together. Consequently, UJDB was formed. A group of young, energetic, solution-oriented, and open-minded people agreed to take their thoughts and ideas to the utmost echelon by taking the necessary steps to legalize and introduce the association to the Bassin Bleu community. UJDB is a non-profit organization based in Fort Lauderdale FL. The group mission statement is to actively participate in social, cultural, education, and environmental development of Bassin Bleu. Our goal is to focus on improving the lives of the citizens of Bassin Bleu, especially the impecunious ones. Like every other haitian community Bassin Bleu economy is rely heavily on the diaspora. Like every other commune in the country Bassin Bleu has totally been neglected by the Haitian government as a result UJDB determined to take matter to its own hands. We believe the sons and daughters of Bassin Bleu who are living abroad could help put Bassin Bleu on the map. 

The commune of Bassin Bleu is located in the North West part of the country. We are the entrance of the department. Therefore it is our duty to embellish the commune. Bassin Bleu has 3 section communals which are Laplate, Carreau-Daty, et Haut-Moustiques. Our population in 2009 was 57,697 and the density was 269 people/square km.  Bassin Bleu has a surface of 214.87 square km. We are known for the Trois Rivieres as it plays an important role in our community and also in our economy. We often heard that children are the future of our community therefore we believe that education should not be a luxury but rather a necessity for the children of Bassin Bleu. Please help us fight to have a better Bassin Bleu.