PROJECT 1: Lampadaire


For years now we have witnessed our beautiful community evolves in the dark. Although many generation have survived living in the dark but UJDB said enough. It is time for Bassin Bleu to illumine. Our students need to stop studying in the dark. The most appropriate way to overcome this challenge is by utilizing the sun energy which we have in abundance in the region. We will put solar street lamp on the street so that the students could study outside.  An educated community is a prosperous community. Please Join us as we lighten Bassin Bleu.



PROJECT 2: Ambulance


​The Commune of Bassin Bleu and its surrounding communities have only one hospital for the entire municipality. Many of our brothers and sisters are dying while in route to the Bassin Bleu hospital. Most of the time the journey is too long for them to reach the hospital. UJDB is working to make the journey easier and hopefully save many lives by providing a well equipped paramedic system for the surrounding people. Paramedics are experienced medical practitioners with sufficient training. While they practice some roles that are carried out by physicians, they will also observe patients and assess and treat them using necessary equipment.

PROJECT 3: Grand-Entré


Bassin Bleu is the starting point (entrance) of the North West department of Haiti. It would be ideal for the tourists or those who are visiting the department for the first time to know when they are entering the department. One would think it is ideal for the gorvernment or its representation to make it known to the tourists when they are entering the department however this is not the case. Consequently UJDB would like to create a welcome sign that will help people notify when they are entering Bassin Bleu or the North West department. 


PROJECT 4: Eau Potable


Bassin Bleu has been blessed with the Trois Rivieres. Since we have Trois Rivieres in the commune, water should not be rare unfortunately that is not the case. There is no clean water for the population to use. Many attempts took place in the past 25 years to bring clean drinkable water to the commune; however we always faced many obstacles. This time UJDB wants to make it a necessity to have clean drinkable water to the commune. Not only in Bassin Bleu but to the surrounding as well. It is a fight that will be expensive and hard to achieve but with the community's help we will get it done.